rolex marmaris falso


the appearance of the watch (design concept and design dial and case). rolex marmaris falso Due to this unique design, people can easily feel the special spirit in time. rolex marmaris falso
The exchange rate of this target is nearly 300,000 yuan, showing that the long-term database is still strong. The dial is also black in color, which greatly affects the umbrella, proportions, chronographs, small seconds, etc. Trade and change 5 things of the move to compliment the exceptional Time measurement. rolex marmaris falso Steve McQueen still wears this watch in the famous movie 'La Mans' (1971). belt and the group of escape wheels were assembled in a turret beam.

Sapphire stands for honesty, steadfastness, kindness and integrity. The diamond is placed on the inside of the second lid, and you can rotate the star disc by gently rotating to adjust the star shape. If you have a desk participant planning to purchase a design in the future, you may want to consider the above design. The design of these wires requires many material quality tests.

18k white case, 38mm diameter, homemade 900p winding movement, hour and minute hand display, leather strap. building a powerful design Again.

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