a rolex órák első példánya


The thinnest minutes later use 6.12mm in the 6.85mm case. a rolex órák első példánya Most of the enamel of the wire is silver based on the body. a rolex órák első példánya
Such products are commercial products and feel non-existent. Even in the dark and deep sea, it can still show that the watch is active, which makes everyone feel safe. Besides the different characteristics, the Russell drum and the coaxial type tourbillon surface failed. a rolex órák első példánya Considering the date is constant and the seller does not need modification since there are three digital posters. In the 1815 series, the 1815 chronograph was not added for the first time until 2004.

and has good and cool performance. Whether it is a matter of new design or both sides of the case have a beautiful face like curled paper, with smooth surfaces in the design, it claims that Rado best in advanced watchmaking technology. Today, the author will show us monitoring model of high monthly value within 20,000 yuan. awarded to those who have excelled in watchmaking and last year.

He said the designers' inspiration comes from driving and boating, so you can see their modern lines, no matter or button design. developed in Switzerland, specializing in movement parts design and RD design.

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